Red Light Enforcement System

Pedestrian protection at intersection

تردد شمار تصویری

Red Light Enforcement System

By producing Iranian traffic light violation detection software, Roshan Tolou Shargh Company with TCOM brand could achieved very high precision in detecting passing vehicles from the red light of intersections at unauthorized times. By taking images from all of the passing vehicles the Red Light Enforcement System processes their images and vehicle data like number plate string, violation type, date and time,… informs to traffic control center and also save in a database. Finally, by detecting license plate of offender vehicles send their vehicle images for law enforcement. Also, the scene of the infraction is saved along with the image of offender vehicle.
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Advantages of Red Light Enforcement System

• Recording of crossing red light violation, infraction of unauthorized right turning, infraction of left turning and infraction of stop vehicle on the pedestrian line for each vehicle
• Detecting license plate of all of the vehicles, including private and public offender vehicles separately
• Ability to measure the length of the queue behind the red light
• The possibility to track stolen and black list vehicles according to their license plates