People Counter System

Accurate and quick statistical monitoring of people

تردد شمار تصویری

People Counter System

Nowadays counting people is especially important in managing crowded places like organizations, stores and passenger terminals. Roshan Tolou Shargh Company with TCOM brand is one of the leading companies in the field of people counting. TCOM by producing Iranian software in this field and by overcoming the machine vision challenges, has been able to achieve high precision in people counting process. The system is a reliable tool for extracting accurate statistics from the number of people, which makes it extremely useful for this tool to manage and monitor crowded places such as organizations, stores and passenger terminals.


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Advantages of People Counter System

  • Counting people simultaneously on two round-trip routes with different number of lanes
  • working at any time of the day or night
  • Ability to use in different weather conditions and the ability to automatically adapt to sudden weather changes
  • Ability to use online through camera communication and offline use on recorded videos
  • Ability to record incoming images
  • Simple and effective graphical interface to communicate with the user