Speed Violation Detection System

Safety enhancement at high risk roads

تردد شمار تصویری

Speed Violation Detection System

Speed violation detection system is equipped with license plate reader and speedometer that it is responsible for automatically measure speed of the passing vehicle and record its license plate. By taking images from all of the passing vehicles speed violation detection system processes their images and vehicle data like number plate string, speed, date and time, line number,… informs to traffic control center and also save in a database. Finally, by detecting license plate of offender vehicles send their vehicle images for law enforcement.
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Speed violation detection system records unauthorized speed violations and Failure to observe the longitudinal distance violations. Also, this system has ability to track blacklist vehicles. The technology used in this system is artificial intelligence and image processing

Advantages of the speed violation detection system

• Measuring the speed of any vehicles
• Calculating the speed violation of light and heavy vehicles separately
• Ability to detect passing left or left deviation violation
• The possibility to track stolen and black list vehicles according to their license plates
• The possibility to record off unauthorized speed violation
• The possibility to record Failure to observe the longitudinal distance violation